About Zdea Group Co., Ltd.

Zdea Group Co., Ltd was set up by several main factories of electronics products in 1998. It is ISO9001 certificated. From the very beginning, we are designed to offer direct products from factory. Thus we always ship best quality products in nice price.

More and more factoies joined in Zdea group because of the professional trading ability. Now, we are offering electronics products directly from 120 factories. The products cover all electronics area, from Power Banks, Car Cameras, Smart Watches, Phonce chargers, Memory cards, Cards readers, Headphones, Case for iPhone, IP cameras, MP4 players, Android tablet PCs, Smart phones, Electronics cables, Phone batteries, Cell phone earphones, 3G dongles, Wifi products, Mini speakers, Fiber Optic Lighting Cable to USB flash drives. Last year, Zdea group turnover reached to 68 million US dollors. Based on customers and 120 factories' support, we believe there would be better performance in this year.

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Zdea Group Co., Ltd.
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Address: 8F, Long Talim Building, High-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China.